Movement of Spirit

What are some ways that you experience the movement of Spirit in/with other people?


Collected From an Open Online Survey
7/13/09 – 7/17/09


There is a sense of Presence in words and deeds of other people when the Holy Spirit is active in the moment.  That sounds tautological, but that’s the way it is.

-Lloyd Lee Wilson – Rich Square Monthly Meeting, NCYM(C)


Opening the scriptures – showing me how scriptures say something about who God is and how to live in truth.

Praying with/for me and others.

Showing compassion to the poor and oppressed.

Preaching the gospel



Groundedness, healing, commitment, compassion, being present, insight, discernment, prophetic vision, inner authority, truth speaking… Deep connection between individuals that is wordless, felt on the spiritual level

-Lu from Rochester, NYYM


When I’m open and receptive to God I can notice the Spirit nudging (or dragging) me to do things in certain ways and can learn from events or others the truth they have to teach me.

Sometimes I’m only open to understanding the life lessons later, in my reflections on the day.Often this understanding comes as I perceive the mistakes I’ve made in the situation.

-Jay Thatcher, Corvallis Friends Meeting, North Pacific YM


One way is through deep and sacred listening. Another is when a person speaks to my condition ina way that I am not expecting and in a way that opens me more fully to God. Certainly when I experience the fruits and gifts of the Spirit (as named in scripture as well as others), that witnesses to the movement of the Spirit. When what others do and/or say points Godward, that is a manifestation of the movement of the Spirit. Also, when someone remains deeply grounded in God as they do the work they feel called to.

-Mary Kay Glazer, Ticonderoga NY Quaker Worship Group