Description of Ministry

How would you describe what Ministry is


Collected From an Open Online Survey
7/13/09 – 7/17/09


It seems to me that we all have a spiritual vocation.  In that context, Ministry (capital M) is the dedication of of one’s time and energy to the exercise and development of that vocation.  This includes dedicating one’s life to being available for the Ministry, and living one’s life so that nothing interferes with that vocation – whether busy-ness or distracting influences and activities.  Ministry involves allowing God to equip and enable us to carry out our vocation, and then saying Yes when the opportunity to carry out our vocation presents itself.

-Lloyd Lee Wilson – Rich Square Monthly Meeting, NCYM(C)


doing god’s work; living in Christ, serving any and all of god’s people



Being a channel for Spirit to move through us.

-Lu from Rochester, NYYM


Ministry is being a channel so God can meet the needs of other people.  My sense is that those needs are first in time and importance, followed by the working of the Lord.  The actions of the minister are defined by the first two factors.

-Jay Thatcher, Corvallis Friends Meeting, North Pacific YM


Ministry is how God/Spirit works through us and others to open us into deeper relationship with God, and with one another in Love/God

-Mary Kay Glazer, Ticonderoga NY Quaker Worship Group