Survey Questions

Voices from the Internet
Collected From Open Online Surveys
Silent Meeting for Worship  |  6/22/09 – 6/27/09
  1. What is your experience during meeting for worship? What does it feel like to be in Meeting for Worship? What sensations, thoughts, and/or emotions are present while you worship in Meeting?  Answers
  2. What is the “point” of Meeting for Worship for you? Why do you think we worship together as a community? Answers
  3. How would you describe a “covered/gathered meeting”? Can you describe a particularly deep or memorable meeting for worship? What made it that way? Answers

Gospel Order and Ministry  |  6/29/09 – 7/02/09

  1. What is your idea of what the phrase Gospel Order means? If you don’t know, feel free to guess at what it might mean. Answers
  2. How do you “test” ministry in the Meeting for Worship? How do you know when you are supposed to speak? What is the process you go through to make sure you know it is time to stand? Answers
  3. Fox and Friends from then to now describe receiving powerful realizations and divine revelations that they called Openings. Often these Openings had a profound effect on the life of the person who experienced it. Do you feel like there was ever a time when you had an experience of receiving an Opening? Where did it happen and what was the realization/revelation/experience? Answers

Witness and Testimony  |  7/5/09 – 7/9/09

  1. Historically Friends distinguished themselves as a peculiar people – refusing hat honor and titles, not taking oaths, lifting up the equality of women, natives, etc… In what ways do you see that Friends today have practices that set them apart “from the crowd?” Answers
  2. What are the Quaker Testimonies? Answers
  3. Can you share about an action in the world that inspired you – one that you understand to be born of faith? Answers

Encouraging Spiritual Gifts Within Quaker Communities  |  7/13/09 – 7/17/09

  1. What are Spiritual Gifts? Answers
  2. What are some ways that you experience the movement of Spirit in/with other people? Answers
  3. How would you describe what Ministry is? Answers

Discernment and other Spiritual Practices  |  7/20/09 – 7/24/09

  1. How would you describe the Meeting for Business to people who are religious but not Friends? Answers
  2. What are spiritual practices? What are some that Friends use? Answers
  3. What does it mean to discern something? To reach clearness / become clear?Answers

Contemporary Friends and “Types” of Quakerism  |  7/26/09 – 7/30/09

  1. What does “Continuing Revelation” mean? Answers
  2. How do you think early Friends would feel about the Religious Society of Friends today? Answers
  3. Because Friends have no formal creed or dogma, many people assert that we are free to believe whatever we want. To what degree do you agree with this sentiment? Answers