Witness and Testimony

This fourth episode in the Jewels of Quakerism series considers Callid and Kristina’s understanding of the origins of Friends’ testimonies, and the ways that testimonies can be borne our through witness to the world. As an outgrowth of these topics, they video also considers some of the ways in which the testimonies were dividers, setting apart Early Friends from others. It closes with a consideration of what a healthy model for Friends witness in the world might look like today.

Online Survey Questions Collected  |  7/5/09 – 7/9/09

  1. Historically Friends distinguished themselves as a peculiar people – refusing hat honor and titles, not taking oaths, lifting up the equality of women, natives, etc… In what ways do you see that Friends today have practices that set them apart “from the crowd?” Answers
  2. What are the Quaker Testimonies? Answers
  3. Can you share about an action in the world that inspired you – one that you understand to be born of faith? Answers

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