Silent Meeting for Worship

This second episode in the Jewels of Quakerism series addresses the beginnings of the traditional Silent Meeting for Worship within the context of denominational similarities, George Fox’s personal impact, and Scriptural bases. It explores the utility of this worship as well as some of its potential effects, both individual and corporate.

Online Survey Questions Collected  |  6/22/09 – 6/27/09

  1. What is your experience during meeting for worship? What does it feel like to be in Meeting for Worship? What sensations, thoughts, and/or emotions are present while you worship in Meeting?  Answers
  2. What is the “point” of Meeting for Worship for you? Why do you think we worship together as a community? Answers
  3. How would you describe a “covered/gathered meeting”? Can you describe a particularly deep or memorable meeting for worship? What made it that way? Answers

All Survey Results in a PDF