“Gospel Order” and Ministry

This third episode of the Jewels of Quakerism series addresses the Quaker understanding of Gospel Order. Within that umbrella, the video also touches on Quaker uses of the words “Opening,” “Leading,” and “Ministry.”

Online Survey Questions Collected  |  6/28/09 – 7/2/09

  1. What is your sense of what the phrase Gospel Order means? If you don’t know, feel free to guess at what it might mean. Answers
  2. How do you  ”test” ministry in the Meeting for Worship?  How do you know when you are supposed to speak?  What is the process you go through to make sure you know it is time to stand? Answers
  3. Fox and Friends from then to now sometimes describe receiving powerful realizations and divine revelations that they called Openings.  Often these Openings had a profound effect on the life of the person whoexperienced it.  Do you feel like there was ever a time when you had an experience of receiving an Opening?  Where did it happen and what was the realization/revelation/experience? Answers

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