The Jewels of Quakerism was the name of a course taught for six weeks during the Summer of 2009 at the Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Wallingford, PA. That class focused on another “Jewel” each week, lifting up the Keefe-Perry’s understanding of what makes Quakerism particular and powerful. 

As  part of the the JoQ Project, each week the results of an online survey were published. The survey was new every week and was open for anyone to fill out online if they wanted to contribute their understanding to the topic for that week’s class.

After the course was taught each week, Callid and Kristina created a web video that addressed much of the content covered in that week’s class. These videos are intended to serve as information resources to the broader world interested in Quakerism and also as a bridging medium for folks who want to have access to the content of the course at Pendle Hill but couldn’t be there. All videos can be downloaded, burned to DVD, and reused free of charge as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

This site contains all of that information plus some other resources that the Keefe-Perrys have found to be useful over the years.